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Wide Loads Shouldn't Lead to Oversize Truck Accidents

Have you ever had the experience of driving on a freeway and coming upon a semi-tractor trailer pulling an oversized or “wide” load?

Over the road trucking companies who transport oversized loads are subject to Federal and State oversized load trucking rules and regulations.  Among other things, trucking companies hauling oversized or wide loads generally must have in place front and rear safety escort (pilot) vehicles and properly placed signs and warning lights.

Our firm has handled a number of serious injury and wrongful death cases involving semi-tractor trailer oversized loads.  In one such case, a 45 year-old man was killed while he was driving his vehicle at the posted speed limit of 65 mph on an interstate freeway and ran into the back of a very slow moving overweight and overlaid semi-tractor trailer unit which was traveling at 5 to 10 mph on the interstate without the required front and rear escort vehicles and without the required safety warning lights.  Initially, the trucking company denied any legal responsibility, claiming that the decedent was at fault for “rear-ending” the oversized semi-tractor trailer load.  However, we were able to show that the trucking company violated both Federal and State oversize load trucking rules and regulations for oversized load units, and as a result were able to reach a multi-million dollar settlement for the decedent's wife and children.