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Emergency Room Errors

Critical Errors in the Emergency Room

When people are sent to the emergency room, it is because they have suffered a serious and potentially life endangering injury. Doctors, nurses and staff of the emergency room must be on the highest alert to safeguard their patients.

Emergency room mistakes that can have devastating consequences include:

  • Delays in getting a patient to a doctor
  • Delays in diagnosing problems/performing necessary tests
  • Delays in obtaining a specialist
  • Delayed admission into the ICU
  • Failure to timely perform surgery
  • Failure to timely perform an MRI

These and other critical emergency room errors can have serious effects, including paralysis, death from internal bleeding, brain damage, loss of limb, organ damage and other catastrophic effects.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an emergency room error, contact a medical malpractice attorney who can advise you of your rights. For assistance in Arizona, contact the medical malpractice lawyers at Beale, Micheaels, Slack & Shughart. Our Phoenix based law firm has a strong record of success in medical malpractice and personal injury claims.

Over $140 Million Recovered in the Last Decade Alone: This total includes, for example, $2.8 million recovered from paramedics, a hospital and an emergency room physician in a case where a 26-year-old stroke victim did not receive timely and appropriate treatment for a stroke. Our results speak for themselves.

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