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Dangerous Railroad Crossings

When Unsafe Rail Crossings Cause Accidents

Drivers rely on signs and signals to tell them about potential dangers on the road. When it comes to railroad crossings, a variety of warnings are commonly used. When these warnings are missing, damaged or neglected, it can lead to a serious railroad accident.

At the law firm of Beale, Micheaels, Slack & Shughart, our lawyers are committed to holding companies responsible for accidents caused by dangerous railroad crossings. We are committed to getting you the compensation you need.

Over $140 Million Recovered in the Last Decade Alone: This total includes $6.8 million we recovered for the family of a man who died as a result of a train accident. Our results speak for themselves.

What Makes a Railroad Crossing Dangerous?

Railroad crossing dangers depend on the setting. In certain places, it is perfectly acceptable for a sign to be the only method of warning drivers and preventing railroad accidents. In other places, it makes more sense to have cross-bars that go down to prevent drivers from crossing the tracks when a train is approaching.

Of course, even if proper warnings are in place, they need to be properly maintained. If they are broken, they don't do any good. If grass or trees have grown up to block them, they don't do any good.

Our attorneys will take great care to investigate these issues. We will build a strong case designed to get results.

We Will Go to Trial

Our first step will be to prepare our case and ask our opponent to provide a fair settlement. If they are unwilling to do so, we will then proceed to the next level. We will take the matter to the courtroom.

Our opponents know about our trial skills. Often, they want to avoid a confrontation with us in the courtroom. They know how hard we will fight to win.

First Class Representation in Train Accident Cases

Attorneys at our law firm are certified specialists in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. This means that these attorneys have demonstrated a high level of experience, knowledge and skill in this area of practice. It means we know how to help you.

Discuss Your Case With Us for FreeContact us to find out more about how we can help. We handle all train accident cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing unless we get results.