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Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents in the Air

Not every aircraft is a big jet operated and professionally maintained by a major airline. There are plenty of small private planes and helicopters in the air as well. Some of these are poorly maintained. Others are operated by negligent pilots.

At the Arizona law firm of Beale, Micheaels, Slack & Shughart, our attorneys know how to handle plane crash claims and other aviation accident cases. Our decades of experience we possess allow us to accept even the most challenging cases and obtain optimal results.

Over $140 Million Recovered in the Last Decade Alone: From cases involving airplane accidents caused by negligent pilots to those involving defective engines, we have seen it all. Our results speak for themselves.

Determining Who Is at Fault for a Plane Crash

In a commuter plane crash or helicopter crash, one of the first steps that must be taken is an investigation of who may have been at fault.

Our law firm has the resources to enlist trusted experts to help us get to the bottom of these cases. We will be able to determine whether a pilot made an error or whether perhaps the owner of the plane skipped an inspection. We will be able to find out what caused a plane crash and take the appropriate action.

The Issue of Insurance Coverage

One of the most complex problems in any accident case is insurance coverage. Our lawyers need to find appropriate coverage in order to get you the compensation you need.

This problem can be especially complex in airplane accident cases. An individual or company which owns a small private aircraft simply may not have sufficient coverage. We know how to carefully analyze the options and spot hidden sources of compensation.

Our First Class Plane Crash Team Can Help You

Why is our team first class? Is it because we have successfully handled countless accident cases for people like you? Is it because of our membership in the most prestigious legal organizations in the world? Is it because members of our team are certified specialists in personal injury and wrongful death law? We want you to learn firsthand about our first class team.

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