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Accidents Caused by Negligent Maintenance

Negligent maintenance of Semi Trucks

Semi tractor-trailers are driven many miles and suffer much greater wear than do regular passenger vehicles.  They require regular and diligent maintenance in order to operate in a safe manner and not put the well being and lives of other motorists at risk.  A semi can become lethal when it is not properly maintained because of its huge size and weight. When these huge trucks are not properly taken care of, they can cause serious injuries and death.

At the Arizona law firm of Beale, Micheaels, Slack & Shughart, our lawyers hold trucking companies accountable for accidents caused by poorly maintained vehicles. We know which steps to take to get you the compensation you need.

Over $200 Million Recovered in the Last Decade Alone:  Whether the problem is a headlight out, steering malfunctions or brake failure, we have seen it all. Our results speak for themselves.

Investigation of Negligent Maintenance of a Truck

The investigators and reconstructionists who have worked with us for many years on truck accident cases are experienced in the area of  investigating poor maintenance as a cause of a trucking accident.  With their expertise, we know what to demand from the trucking companies and sometimes they cannot provide maintenance records because there has been no or improper maintenance of their trucks.   Our attorneys and investigators work with the Department of Transportation which can help reveal problems with truck maintenance in order to build a strong case.

There are any number of truck maintenance issues which can lead to horrible highway accidents, including missing reflector tape, worn tires or brakes, broken running lights, and other problems.  Sometimes the trucking company has failed to properly inspect their trucks for many safety and maintenance issues.

Often a maintenance deficiency was ignored in order to keep the truck on the road and operating for a longer period of time or to put off the cost of making repairs.  When these tactics are discovered in combination of negligence of a driver in a trucking accident, the driver and the trucking company are held accountable.

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