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Surgical Errors

Phoenix Surgeon Mistake Attorney

Surgeons are highly trained and highly paid professionals. They are expected to do things right.

However, surgeons don't always live up to those expectations. Sometimes, they commit surgical errors and cause serious harm to patients.

At the Arizona law firm of Beale, Micheaels, Slack & Shughart, we hold these professionals accountable for the surgical errors they make. Our lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Over $140 Million Recovered in the Last Decade Alone: This total includes $1.25 we recovered for the family of a man who died because of a surgeon's mistake during experimental surgery. Our results speak for themselves.

What Type of Surgical Error Does Your Case Involve?

Surgical errors come in many forms. Our lawyers can handle all of them, including:

  • Wrong Site Surgery
  • Perforation or Laceration During Surgery
  • Retained Instruments
  • Wrong Surgical Procedure
  • Unnecessary Surgery

With decades of experience on our side, we understand the importance of bringing in trusted experts to help us build strong cases. Our network of experts is extensive. We have the resources to make your case a success.

Going to Trial to Make Your Case a Success

Medical malpractice cases are challenging for several reasons. One of them is that the opposition typically includes battle-tested attorneys who will not be willing to give up without a fight.

Neither will we. While we recognize a fair settlement when offered, we are willing to vigorously pursue your case to achieve a fair result.

Our First Class Team Can Help With Any Surgical Error Case

Our team includes attorneys who are members of the most prestigious legal organizations in the world. When you have us working on your case, you can be confident that you truly have a first class team on your side.

Discuss Your Case With Us for FreeContact us to find out more about how we can help. We handle all surgical error cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing unless we get results.